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Medium Essential Lamb Box

Selected by our butchers, the cuts in this box will help you create a wonderful variety of meals.

Lean minced lamb, a fantastic base for your family favourites such as classic Shepherd's Pie or succulent Kofte. Lamb, carefully hand-diced by our butchers. Suits a longer cooking time to create curry, casseroles or stews, Boneless lamb steaks, hand-cut to size from the leg. A tasty alternative to beef steaks. Quick to pan fry. Hand-cut from the loin by our butchers. A tender cut that suits quick cooking.

The classic Sunday roast. Our butchers bone and roll by hand to create a perfect joint for roasting. Full-flavoured and rolled so that small areas of fat within help to baste the meat during the cooking process. Best cooked low and slow.

This box includes:

  • Minced Lamb approx 450g
  • Diced Lamb approx 450g
  • Leg Steak 6oz (170g) x2
  • Lamb Chops 6oz (170g) x2
  • Medium Boneless Lamb Leg Joint approx 1.3kg
  • Boneless Lamb Shoulder Joint approx 1kg
  • Butchers Lamb Selection 450g

Storage and Handling

Keep refrigerated and use within shelf life indicated on pack or within 24 hours of opening.

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