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Our Ethos

Meat Box Delivery for Cooks Who Care

More than just meat selection boxes

Acre & Apron’s butcher box service comes from our unique partnership between farmer and butcher. Bringing the two together to connect cooks who care with quality, British, high welfare meat and hand-crafted butchery, direct to your kitchen. It’s your convenient online meat shop with a difference.

We care about:

Our herds

That’s why our Lincolnshire farm is high welfare Red Tractor assured and looked after by our own experienced shepherds and stockmen

British farming

That’s why all our meat comes from our farm in Lincolnshire

Keeping things local

That’s why our farm and our butchery are within 20 miles of each other.

Retaining artisan skills

That’s why all our meat is hand butchered by craft butchers with a combined experience of over 60 years

Food waste

That’s why we’ll always include an unusual cut in your box, along with a handy recipe suggestion

The environment

That’s why our farm is carbon neutral, our packaging is recyclable and our food miles from farm to butchery are the lowest around

Quality meat

That’s why our meat is sourced from animals we have fed and looked after and the meat is assessed by expert butchers who only put the best quality into boxes

Getting the best from our meat

That’s why here you’ll find advice, top tips and recipes direct from our butchers and chefs


That’s why we offer convenient home delivery slots and tailored temperature-controlled packaging, to ensure your meat reaches you in perfect condition

Our Farm - Dyson Farming

Sustainability & high welfare meat

Our farm, set in the Lincolnshire countryside, is where it all begins. As a family owned business (including James Dyson – possibly better known for his vacuums than farming we grant you), sustainable and high welfare farming is at the heart of what we do. We are proud to say we’re carbon neutral and run a highly efficient circular farm system as part of our passion for sustainability, driven by technological advancements. Because we believe that the best farming practises deliver the best meat.

Our Butcher - CJ Butchers

Artisan Butchery

Our Lincolnshire artisan butchery is home to Time Served Master Butcher Chris Jelley (or CJ) and our highly skilled team. Dedicated to keeping the craft of hand-butchery alive, we take great pride in ensuring only the very best cuts make it to your door. With our unrivalled reputation spanning decades, as well as innovations including our Himalayan Salt Chamber, we’re committed to helping you serve up meals you can be truly proud of.