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Premium Roast Box

Fine meat, chosen for fabulous feasting or an unforgettable gift.

Fillet is the most tender steak and often chosen to impress! Trimmed by hand in our craft butchery.

Our Master Butcher, C.J. calls this "the king of roasts". Perfect marbling and fat ensure the most succulent and flavoursome centrepiece. The classic Sunday roast. Our butchers bone and roll by hand to create a perfect joint for roasting.

This box includes:

  • Fillet Steak 8oz (227g) x2
  • Boned & Rolled Rib of Beef approx 2kg
  • Boneless Leg of Lamb approx 1.6kg
  • Butchers Selection 750g

Storage and Handling

Keep refrigerated and use within shelf life indicated on pack or within 24 hours of opening.

SKU: AA0052
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